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i kind of didn’t want to post anything about this since there’s still a shred of hope in the back of my head that it will come back, but this time it’s definitely more permanent than the last few times we thought it would close.

basically i found out this morning my fav DIY venue that i used to help run back in my hometown just closed. super bummed because we had been throwing shows and partying there since like may 2009. at the time i was only a junior in high school — and back then it was pretty much the only place in corpus that i got to play at. normal venues wouldn’t book me, and i had a hard time finding anywhere to play that wasn’t out of town. the concept of an underground/diy place for bands to play in corpus was totally new. same with many of my friends and their bands who couldn’t play at the more established venues in town — they actually had a place to play here, and an audience to play for. because corpus is so fucking culturally stagnant and the bigger venues only ever wanted to book 90s bands and shitty metalcore, studio b came as the answer to that, and it did it successfully.  i won’t ever forget the day when my friend trey picked me up from my house to go the very first show after we had met on myspace (lmao), and even then i had a feeling that it was going to turn out really great. little did i know though, right?

i have met the coolest people there including many of my current friends, had two of my birthdays there, seen too many amazing bands to name, played my best ever sets there and have gotten way too drunk way too many times in that dark backyard — too many fun shows and too many fun memories.

thanks to everyone who was a part of this wild ride. def going to miss it forever.

RIP STUDIO B 2009 - 2013

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